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1st Year Students


  • All students study Irish, English, Maths, History, Geography, Science, CSPE, SPHE, Religion, Physical Education and Information Technology.

  • Students choose French or German as a core subject.

  • Students select two of the following subjects for Junior Cert:

    • Art

    • Business

    • Home Economics

    • Music

    • Materials Technology (Wood)

    • Technical Graphics

    • Music

    • Technology

    • Metalwork

  • If a student requires extra help due to learning needs, time may be arranged for this and the curriculum may be adapted to provide this opportunity. Students are exempted from Irish in limited specific circumstances.


The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment have prepared a set of fact sheets about the subjects in junior cycle. They have been designed with sixth class pupils and first year students in mind but parents/guardians will find them useful too. Visit for further information.


The factsheets presented here were designed to help sixth class pupils and first year students, but are also useful for parents. They provide information about the different subjects available in junior cycle in a colourful and easy-to-read format. Three booklets are presented, Core Subjects, Option Subjects and non examination Subjects.

The Minister for Education, Ruari Quinn announced that the current Junior  Certificate Programme will be phased     out over eight years and will be replaced by a school-based model of continuous assessment.

Pupils currently in fifth class in primary school will be the first students not to sit the Junior Cert as we know it, as the new programme is due to begin in 2014.

Under the new programme, 40% of examination marks will be based on course-work and 60% based on a final written assessment.

Further information can be downloaded here

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