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The Global Education Experience offers teachers and senior students from Second Level Schools in Ireland, which are linked to Presentation Sisters, an opportuity to experience life in a country from the Two Thirds World, alongside Presentation Sisters and/or their co-workers.

In 2009 Colaiste Chiaráin decided to take part in the project and sent three teachers on an inspection trip to Kalomo, Southen Zambia. On their return the teachers made a presentation to senior students and invited them to apply for inclusion on a trip planned for 2010. In June 2010 twelve students and three teachers paid a two week visit to Kalomo where our students helped in local schools and worked on the Home Based Care Farm. 


Having returned from Kalomo a DVD of the experience was produced which highlighted the work being undertaken by Sr.Teresa Molloy within the community. A number of adults expressed an interest in returning to Kalomo to assist with the work and from this interest Action Zambia was formed. Sr. Teresa was canvassed as to her immediate requirements and a list was generated and work then commenced on filling a 40' coontainer. In April the container was dispatached containing a tractor and plough, one hundred computers, twelve hospital beds, bed linen and heart monitors. 

In June 2011 eighteen volunters assembled in Dublin for a  thirteen hour flight to Lusaka. The group assembled a skill base that included builders, a nurse, teachers, IT skill set and dressmaker. Computer classes ran twice daily in the IT center we set up and the Home based Care Farm was painted. Unfortunately the two weeks passed far too quickly but friendships were formed that will continue into the future.

While we were in Kalomo we visited local schools and donated twelve computers to five local schools. In Mwatta High school a partnership was established between Colaiste Chiarain and Mwatta and this partnership continues as we support them in their efforts to build a hostel for orphaned girl.

JUNE 2012

In June 2012 fifteen students and seven adults returned to Kalomo to continue with the ongoing work. Each member of the travelling group paid their own expenses incoured with the trip. During the months running up to departure each  students was busy fundraising  and also developing their knitting and sewing skills in order to develop the sewing project established in Kalomo on the previous trip. The manner in which these fifteen students went about their work is very satisifying and are a credit to themselves, their families and the community in general.

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