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School Guidance

Guidance is provided through the school guidance programme.  The guidance programme is the specific set of learning experiences, which a school provides in response to the guidance needs of its students.  The school guidance plan is the document in which the school, in a systematic way, defines the guidance programme it offers, and states how resources are organised to deliver the programme. 

The fundamental purpose of this School Guidance Plan has been to:

  • Identify accurately the needs of students.

  • Define outcomes.

  • Define the priorities of delivery.

  • Determine resources.

  • Address gaps in delivery and / or resources


Filling out a CAO application can be a daunting task for many studemts. The video clip below might prove helpful.


Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)

There have been major changes to the grant schemes in recent years. In autumn 2011, the four main grant schemes (Higher Education Grants Scheme, Vocational Education Committees' Scholarship, Third Level Maintenance Grant Scheme for Trainees and Maintenance Grant Scheme for Students Attending Post Leaving Certificate Courses)were replaced by one single grant scheme. This scheme is simply called 'Student Grant Scheme'.

Over the years we have developed a strong relationship with our local university. Each year NUIM presents a number of bursaries to students who have excelled across a range of subjects.

Each year our students have an opportunity to visit the university and also benifit from a presentation by admission staff from NUIM in Colaiste Chiarain.

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